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Mary Jane Kelly is the final known victim of Jack the Ripper. This is about her life.

Mary Jane Kelly’s murder is by far the most researched out of all the Jack the Ripper victims. And this is probably due to two things. The first is that her killing was the most brutal and the second is we know so little about who she actually was.

Sketch from the Penny Illustrated Paper in November 1888


Murdered the same night as Elisabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes was the 4th canonical victim of Jack the Ripper

CW: Domestic violence

Mary’s murder caught London’s attention. Annie’s murder brought London to its knees. Elisabeth Stride’s brought them back to their feet. And Catherine’s murder brought outrage and action.

You will notice that a lot of my details come straight from Haley Rubenhold’s brilliant The Five. And if you’ve…

Annie Chapman is the second canonical victim of Jack the Ripper. Here’s her story.

Annie and John Chapman’s wedding photo.

Annie Chapman is the second canonical victim of Jack the Ripper. She was murdered in the early hours of September 8th, 1888 — a week after Mary Ann Nichols was found.

However, Annie is the third Whitechapel murder of this nature. Martha Tabram was the first.* However, Annie’s considered the…

Convicted for her daughter-in-law, Hella’s murder in 1954

In 1954, a man was walking his dog when he smelled something burning.

He walked past his neighbor’s mother-in-law burning something that looked like a mannequin. He knew the woman. Her name was Styllou and was living with his neighbors, Stavros and Hella.

The man let Styllou about her business…

Chicago has the largest cluster of unsolved strangulation murders in the US. That’s not a coincidence. It’s a pattern.

Some of the victims as of 2018. Source.

In 2019, after years of murders, the Chicago Police finally acknowledged there was a likely a serial killer in Chicago targeting primarily Black women and are investigating the cases as related.

The first murder was in 2001 with the most recent in 2018.

They are all women, with many being…

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