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Articles are categorized in their individual topics and then organized by publication date, the most recent at the bottom. A * next to the article means it is one of my personal favorites or one I think is important.

Some articles could fit in multiple categories. In these cases, I put them in the category in which they may be the most relevant.


Involuntary “Do Not Resuscitate” Notices Based on Learning Disability Are Nothing New *

Meowing: A Purrfect Alternative Communication Tool

Canada is Making it Easier for Disabled and Mentally Ill People to Access Physician Assisted Suicide*

Social Justice

So, I Should Hate Myself Because I’m White?*

A Bad Attitude" — Black Disabled Deaths in Custody*

Does Intelligence Really Cause Unhappiness?*


Masquerade: On Learning to Live as an Autistic Woman*

Stop Speaking Above Us — Social Justice Writing and Autistic Trauma*

Why I am Pursuing a Clinical Diagnosis for Autism

Unresting Awareness: Sensory Overload After a Late Autism Diagnosis*

When You’re an Orange in a Sea of Blueberries — How to Thrive as an ADHD/Autistic Writer*

Neurodiverse History Series

Leonardo da Vinci

Anne Lister*


My Story Isn’t Over Yet: Redefining Optimism

Why Motivational Writing Doesn’t Need to be Tough Love

Media Analysis

Let Them Enjoy Trash

“I Care a Lot” is Problematic at First Glance — That’s the Point*

History and Anthropology

Druids, and Why We Need Them (My first article. I love it so.)

Hippos and Hyksos: How Loud Hippos Caused a Civil War in Ancient Egypt

No, Inequality is Not Natural*

3 Myths You Believe About the Code of Hammurabi


Why I Needed a Drink to Publish My First Successful Article

Not to Brag or Anything, but I Just Hit a Two Figure Income From Writing

Why Hamsters Run on Wheels*

3 Things to Consider When Writing About Food*

You Will Never Regret Writing

How to Make a Two Figure Income from Writing*

Top 4 Mistakes New Writers Make and When to Make Them

Why You Should Study Conditional Logic for Your Writing


Real Dinosaurs are Better Than the Movie*


Why You Shouldn’t Get Your Kid a Cockatiel*

Why the fuck did I write these?

Taurus — The Serial Killer Sign

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