Hippos and Hyksos: How Loud Hippos Caused a Civil War in Ancient Egypt

Because let’s be honest. We love the drama.

Photo by Henning Borgersen on Unsplash

Apepi (ca. 1575 BC — 1540 BC, Hyksos ruler of Lower Egypt)

Setting the Scene

However, it is true that Egypt dominated the stage for thousands of years. And that makes this story even funnier.

Let me start with saying we don’t know how much of this story is true because it was only recorded in the Nineteenth Egyptian Dynasty when it occurred in the Seventeenth. But honestly, this shit is too ridiculous to not have some truth to it. It actually sparked the war that eventually led to the New Kingdom of Egypt.

Source. “Hyksos” Sphinxes/sphinxes from the 12th Dynasty that the Hyksos redesigned.
There’s no picture of Apepi, so let’s just assume this is him.

Onto the good stuff

In ~1580 BC, there were two Egyptian rulers. Seqenenre Tao who ruled in Thebes, Egypt and of course, Apepi, who ruled in Avaris. Up to this point, Egypt mostly grumbled about the Hyksos, but tolerated them. The Hyksos likely viewed Egyptians as disorganized traditionalists who were full of themselves.

The distance between Avaris and Thebes. Those are some loud hippos.

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