For New Readers!

Alexa Baczak
1 min readJan 13, 2022


I’m so excited to see more consistent readers on my stories, so I wanted to take a moment to say hi and let you know what to expect from me.

I don’t have a content schedule set up. It just hasn’t worked out when I tried. I try to have a couple articles out a week.

I publish true crime with a historical slant. I want to do some more recent cases in the future as well as cover some cold cases. I try to go for topics not as many people have heard of or I write another take on a classic case everyone knows about.

My primary consideration is empathy in all of these cases. Towards the victims and their families, and yes, sometimes there are cases the perpetrator was often misunderstood or abused before the crime took place. I don’t excuse anything, but it is important to discuss that too. I’m never going to write graphic details just to write them. My main purpose is storytelling, and I don’t feel I need to exaggerate or bend the truth to do that.

I try to make sure my articles are as reliable as sources as possible, and I use a lot of primary sources in my work like court documents and evidence records. Perpetuating conspiracy theories isn’t my thing. I do sometimes dive into fact-based theories.

Don’t be afraid to offer suggestions, theorize, ask questions, or just say hi!