Help me with my Jack the Ripper article!

I’ve decided to format my Jack the Ripper article a bit differently.

Alexa Baczak


I promised I would write one after my series on the victims and I’m still planning on it, but I was hired to write a documentary script on Jack the Ripper so I’ve put all my energy towards that.

I finished the draft this morning and I’m ready to throw together an article on it. I want to know what YOU want to know about the Jack the Ripper case.

I’ve spent a few months studying case files, witness statements, theories, and coroner’s reports. I know enough to write several articles, but I want to address what everyone is interested in first. Even if I get no responses, I’ll publish an article soon. I just want to throw this net out first.

Any rumors you want to know about? Suspects that make you curious? Do you want to know why we’re still talking about this case over 100 years later?

Just reply to this article asking any questions you have. :)