I am a little tipsy because Saturday night, so some of this may not make sense!

My partner and I have a habit where we agree on the same thing in different words but our gut instincts don’t always notice immediately. And I find that people do that a lot without realizing it.

Luckily, he and I are reflective enough that we eventually recognize it without any argument doing irreparable damage. He is more plan oriented and I focus more on what I can control that day to get to long term goals instead of overwhelming myself. We’ve learned to respect those traits in each other. But we are more familiar than internet strangers. It has just made me think a bit more about how wording is percieved makes all the difference.

We are so bad at recognizing what someone is actually SAYING instead of what we think they are. And so often, we are saying the same thing in different words. I’m autistic, so I take people at their word and never notice anything they’re implying. But in that, I speak very literally and someone will deduce something completely different than what I meant. (Before I knew I was autistic, this caused several problems)

We all need to do better at not assuming someone’s intentions based on the way they word things.

Thanks for this article again ☺ I always love reading from you.

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