I prefer to disclose too!

I think I'm more trying to say that it is a choice because sometimes disclosure can be risky. I absolutely don't want to say "No one should disclose." I cannot speak for everyone! More that we should have the freedom to make the decision for ourselves because it is so subjective and all of us are going to have different reasons for disclosing or not in different situations. I recognize it is totally subjective, and totally respect that it can sometimes mean the difference between being hired or not.

In reality, not everyone is going to like everyone for different reasons. Disability or not. No one owes it to me to like me (as much as I inherently want everyone to). I more want to bring light to not everyone communicating the same and how something like struggling with eye contact shouldn't be a reason to brush someone off as disrespectful or unlikable. Of course, no one is excused from being courteous or trying to be respectful. Understanding is important from both angles. I'm more uncomfortable with all that responsibility on disabled people.

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