The Real-Life “Last Duel” — The Assault of Marguerite de Carrouges

Because I feel like all the other articles on this completely miss the point.

Alexa Baczak


CW: Discussion of sexual assault and “The Last Duel” spoilers. Weird to put those both here in a CW, but I don’t want anyone to complain that I ruined the movie for them and I don’t want anyone triggered by the content. So both are in bold at the top.

When I describe the assault itself, I will have a warning so anyone can skip it if they still choose to read the article.

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It’s been awhile! I’m still on hiatus, so my articles won’t come out as frequently. But I am moving into my new apartment on June 17th. After that, I should fall into a better routine.

I’m not going to focus on the “final duel” in this, but I’m going to focus on Marguerite and the events leading up to it so if you want to know all of the bloody details, I’m certain Google will help you out.

I saw the movie and found myself more curious about Marguerite and what she had to really go through. The movie is surprisingly accurate, and even though it shows the rape scene itself TWICE, it’s actually a pretty good movie in my opinion. Women were involved in the production and writing of the movie. (Consider that a content warning if you’re planning on seeing the movie. It’s shown twice.)