Things I Learned in my First Semester of Law School

Things they didn’t teach me in class

Alexa Baczak


Photo by Mikhail Pavstyuk on Unsplash

I haven’t written here in awhile. I took a bit of a break. Writing true crime was pretty draining for me and I lost access to my ADHD meds.

Eventually, I decided I’d go to law school. I’d planned it since 2018 and I managed to get accepted with a full ride.

I finished my last final yesterday, and I felt I could make an article for people considering law school who don’t know if they want to. But this will be a bit different from other “what you need to know” articles about law school. These are things I learned that no one told me.

So without further ado:

It ain’t that deep your first semester. You’ll be okay.

The first semester IS the hardest, and you’ll get this hammered in over and over again at orientation and on whatever you look up online. But I’m going to tell you a secret.

If you try, you’ll do fine. If you study, you’ll be okay.

It takes effort to fail a law school exams at reputable schools. Generally, you’re in competition with other students for the highest grades, and you don’t have much control over your final grade because a lot of it depends on how other students do.

I’m serious. To fail a law school exam (at most schools), you have to not show up to the exam, be caught cheating, or spend all four hours writing a short story about fairies and unicorns. Ds are usually reserved for people who CLEARLY didn’t try or study. You’re going to get anywhere between an A-C. Statistically speaking, you’ll probably get a B. (Although verify what the curve is with your school. It’s not the same everywhere).

So you can do one of two things. You can either be super competitive and block out everyone else (and maybe get a bit mean at times). Or you can try your best and know that regardless, you’ll be a lawyer as long as you do the work.

Your first semester of law school isn’t about learning the law. It’s about learning how to be in law school. It’s not about memorizing rules. It’s about learning to think like a lawyer and do fine on an exam. Take a deep breath and just do your best. If you…