Winnie Ruth Judd — The Infamous Trunk Murderess | Part Two

The 1930s murder case with more twists than a snake doing the Cha-Cha slide

Alexa Baczak


When we left off in part one, Winnie Ruth Judd was on the run, the trunks were opened to reveal two bodies, and no one was having a good time.

And if you’re here in part two and haven’t read part one, what are you doing? Go read part one! Unless you enjoy being confused, of course.

My decision to make this a two-parter was because this case is much more than it seems. Also, I’d just gotten a job and I knew the release would be delayed even further. But then a blizzard hit, and now I have a snow day on my hands. To make things better, I took the wrong medication instead of my sleeping meds last night, so I’m running on maybe 30 minutes of sleep.

You are in for a ride, my friends.

So I suppose you’re wondering how I found myself in this situation