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Articles are categorized in their individual topics and then organized by publication date, the most recent at the bottom. A * next to the article means it is one of my personal favorites or one I think is important.

Some articles could fit in multiple categories. In these cases, I…

We’re drowning in content, so here’s more content and a history lesson to talk about it.

It feels like everything is the same these days.

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The same stories. The same articles. The same COVID news. The same topics and videos.

At first, this enraged me when I noticed. “Why do people want the same thing over and over again?” I asked. “It’s squashing creativity.”

I never…

The story of the 1831 murder of Caroline Walsh

I thought this was going to be an easy case to cover. When I first heard about it, the story seemed relatively straightforward. But towards the end of the research stage of this article, I found it wasn’t as simple as it seemed.

In 1831, Anne Buton went to the…

The tragic story of Prague’s worst mass murderer


It’s July 10th, 1973 in Prague.

It’s like any other sunny day, and everyone is going through the motions. Going to work. Going grocery shopping. Taking a walk down the street. It isn’t a day anyone thinks something could go wrong.

But at 1:30 PM, a truck speeds down a…

Who really wrote all his plays?

William Shakespeare is often cited as the “best writer in history.” His work can be considered the first to really dive into human behavior through fiction.

What we do know is:

He was popular in his day. His acting troupe started performing more of his plays when it was clear…

The story of one of the earliest known serial killers

When we think of serial killers, we usually think of Bundy, Gacy, Dahmer, and the earliest one we think of is, of course, Jack the Ripper.

But serial killers have been around for a long, long time. And not always in the form we think of them in.

Liu Pengli…

A new look at the most prolific female serial killer in history.


The year is 1532.

A woman stands in front of a jury of men. The jury is rigged against her. She knows this, but holds her head high anyways.

She stands accused of adultery. No. Not only adultery. Adultery with several men, including her own brother. …

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